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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  July 11, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us for sports xtra. i'm lindsay murphy. on tap, a look at the world cup winners. the nats get a much needed break break. a chance to see john wall in a wizards jersey playing in a real game. granted it is the vegas summer league but it's an appetizer for the upcoming season. eric hayes has been cut from the summer league roster. wall and the wizards facing
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golden state. early on he makes a little space. he was 7 for 15 from the field. the wizards led by 2. but he's a rookie. 3 seconds after the good play off the turnover he leads the break the other way and his pass would sail wide and out of bounds. he had eight turnovers in the game but he's still learning. wall dished a sweet pass. the wizards go up by a point. later in the 4th, it's mcgee and wall teaming up again, running the length of the court. wall would miss here but mcgee has his back. wall finished 24 points, 8 assists. the wizards win 84-79. >> it felt good. [ indiscernible ] i think i had a great performance. >> so did we. the first half is officially over and it's hard to say that the nationals played to their
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potential. they finished off the half by dropping three of their last four games and they are 11 games under 5 hundred. but the team still in much better shape than they were this time last year. today was their finale against the giants. closer matt capps was presented with his all-star jersey before the game. levan hernandez on the mound tonight. a base hit to right field. mike morris' throw home not in time to get a sliding aubrey huff. giants up 2-0. nigel morgan gives chase but this one goes off the wall. freddi sanchez and aubrey huff score. but the nationals would fight back. in the 7th inning add adam dunn has the bases juiced. willie harris comes in to score so the nationals are now down 5-
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2. then two batters later the bases are still loaded for pudge rodriguez but he would unfortunately fly out to the warning track and that ends the rally. the nationals stranded 13 runners on base. they finished their home stand 5-5. >> there's progress but we want to get to the woints where we're not -- point where we're not satisfied with progress. we want to make the next step. you know, this home stand 5-5, it's kind of -- you know, it's spinning our wheels a little bit but, you know, we just got to regroup aft break here and go play good on the road. >> the nationals enter the all- star break in last place in their division but they've made some improvements since 2007. three years ago the team was 16 games under .500 at the break n. 2008 the nats were 24 games under. last year 35 games under .500. this year at the break 11 games below .500. the nationals return to action next friday at the marlins.
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stephen strasburg will make his eighth start. the orioles looking for a four-game sweep of the first place rangers. cory patterson with two outs delivers the line shot to left field. fred tatum scores. patterson's double gives the o's a 3-1 lead. top of the 4th, same score. david murphy not related to me unfortunately with the fly ball to left field. cory patterson makes a nice sliding catch. the pitcher sez oh, yeah, baby, i love that stuff. orioles complete their first four-game road sweep since june 1995. indians and rays, carlos pena up the middle. third baseman short hops the throw. carlos slides around santana managing to score. the rays would go on to edge the indians 6-5 in ten innings. it's time for a quick break
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but when we return, the word cup comes to an end. all 64 games. we have highlights from the finals just around the corner. we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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welcome back. it has taken 64 games and lasted a month but finally -- [
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indiscernible ] both teams were trying to become first time world cup winners. early on we're just in the fifth minute here off of the free kick, turned away by the dutch goalie. take another look as the keeper goes horizontal to keep that header out of harm's way. to the 62nd minute. looks like it will be a busy score but the goalie would bail his team out with a tremendous stop. the right foot is the huge reason why the netherlands were not first to find the back of the net. it's so good. scoreless after regulation so we head to extra time. the 116th minute, netherlands can't clear the ball and spain scores the one and only goal of the team. spain entered the game with the most world cup victories without winning it all finally wins the big begun.
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the dubious distinction falls to netherlands with 19. spanish fans in our area congaited in dupont -- congregated in dupont circle. most of the fans came from the spanish embassy. before long young and old found themselves in the dupont circle fountain. >> i think it has to do with the way we celebrate in spain and we always go to a fountain. this kind of like a spanish tradition to come here. it's a good meeting point to just be patriotic and be happy. >> the tour de france lance armstrong struggled and was caught up in three crashes in the eighth stage. the texan crossed nearly 12 minutes behind. armstrong lost several minutes to his rivals while he
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struggled up the steepest part of the assent. he's currently in 39th place. time for our second break in the show but when we return, can steve stricker continue his dominance at the john deere classic? that answer in just minutes. ecic
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welcome back. steve stricker had everything to lose today starting the final round of the john deere class wick a six-shot lead but he with feel some pressure as he struggled with his putter. defending champion steve stricker began the day 25 under par. his approach shot to the ten hole from 91 years out. it is a beauty to set up his very first birdie of the day. we move now to 16 and stricker is 26 under par. he leaves paul goydos from two shots. paul goydos who carted a 59 in the first round and was two off the pace when he hit his approach on 18. unfortunately it finds the water. goydos finished in second place the field next week at the british open. stricker finished at 27 under
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par. he captures his ninth pga tour title and celebrates with his kids bobby and isabella. the women's u.s. open paula kramer wearing all pink today on championship sunday. she entered the final round with a three-shot lead. kramer with her approach shot on number 15. it would cozy up nice and close to the hole to set her up for an easy birdie putt. she never relinquished the lead. she would tap in for par. she finished three under par, the only golfer to finish in red number. kramer wins the u.s. open, the first major of her career. lass' all the time we have -- that's all the time we have for tonight's show. thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend. hope you had a good night. good night, everybody.


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